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Educational Classroom visits, Community events, and Private Parties.

Standard Package Pricing for our traveling petting zoo: 1st hour = $200, each additional hour = $150
Includes: a variety of breeds of mini goats, sheep, chickens, mini pig, guinea pigs and/or rabbits (Based on availability sometimes baby animals) generally 8-12 animals.

Want just a bunny or chicken party? We can bring 2-4 rabbits and/or chickens for an hour $100
This session can be indoors or outside.

Want a friendly animal to visit your classroom or senior center? We have education animals and special visiting animals. Call us and tell us your needs.

Mileage fees may apply to the above prices if outside a 25 mile radius from our home in Sonora, CA.

Please ask about our rescheduling and cancelation policies when booking. In extreme cases of weather or high heat some or all animals may not be available for their health and safety.

  1. Wendy Pavelchik permalink

    You came to our Harvest Festival at Presentation School in Sacramento last year. We would like to add ponies to the petting zoo this year is possible. We are also wondering what animals you have available. The festival will be held Saturday October 5th.
    Thank you

  2. christina ramirez permalink

    Do you have ponies?

    • Hi Christina,
      No, we do not have ponies at this time. We offer family friendly miniature farm animals for petting zoos and education.

  3. Jeani Fernandez permalink

    Just read about your marvelous new business in the paper! Thank you so much for bringing a great idea to Sonora! Our children and schools will benefit from your generosity. WELCOME!

    • Thank you so much. We are very excited to be here in Sonora. We are also very appreciative of The Union Democrat newspaper and the wonderful job they did highlighting our business.

  4. Nicole permalink

    Could you do a bunny and chick/chicken party? I’m looking for more info on pricing for something like that in the Rancho Cordova area. Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole,
      Yes, we can do just a rabbit & chicken pen (petting zoo). We charge $100 per hour for this and approximately $38 for mileage(the first 30 miles are free and each additional mile is .75/mile).
      What date were you wanting to plan this for?
      Also, just for your information the full zoo (requires a livestock trailer) is no longer available in your location, based now in Sonora CA we have lowered our travel mileage from 80 miles to 60 miles due to the stress on the animals in the trailer. I am still able to offer the chicken/rabbit pen because they can travel in our temperature/air monitored cab of our truck.

      Thank you for your interested in ZooZ XING petting zoo and we look forward to hearing back from you.


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